Belgium to Lift Several Covid Restrictions from 1 September, if Conditions are Met

Belgium will likely be lifting many of the country’s internal Covid-19 restrictions from 1 September 2021, according to a press release published by Belgium’s official Covid-19 information website.

The restrictions that will be lifted include the following:

Event sector and Covid Safe Ticket

There will be no more restrictions on indoor events with less than 200 spectators and outdoor events with less than 400, unless the “competent local authority” decides otherwise.

Indoor events with more than 200 spectators and outdoor events with more than 400 will be able to use Belgium’s brand of a vaccine passport called the Covid Safe Ticket from 1 September 2021 forward. At events that require the ticket, masks and social distancing are not required. Further, the threshold for the maximum number of spectators will be raised from 1 October 2021.

Gatherings in private spaces

There will be no more restrictions for gatherings in private homes or in tourist accommodation businesses.

Professional hospitality activities and services

There will be no more restrictions on opening or closing hours of hospitality businesses. In addition, there will be no more limits on the number of people per table, the distance between tables, on terraces, on noise levels, or on bar service. Further, the requirement to only provide table seating will also be dropped.

Customers will, however, still be required to wear a face make when moving around a restaurant, bar, club, or other hospitality business.

Night clubs and dance halls will be allowed to open from 1 October 2021 with stricter protocol for air quality, ventilation, and maximum capacity in relation to the service area. In addition, pubs will also be allowed to open from 1 October 2021.

Organized activities

Restrictions on organized activities, such as gatherings or fund raisers, will be lifted. This is especially true when the activity is planned by an organization or club.

Private parties

There will be no more restrictions on private parties, such as dancing and buffets, especially for weddings.

Religious worship

Restrictions on civil marriages, funerals, and non-denominational moral services will be lifted. The press release does not mention denominational religious services, however.

These terms are conditional

The restrictions being listed above that will be lifted are contingent on Belgium meeting their goals for vaccination and infection rates, according to the press release. This means that if their goals are not met, the restrictions will not be lifted.

The conditions set by the Consultative Committee include at least 70% of the country’s residents being vaccinated and keeping the situation in hospitals manageable.

“Given that the Summer Plan objectives have been met according to plan, several restrictions will be lifted from 1 September. In addition, extra efforts should be made to reach at least the 70% threshold of vaccinations in all municipalities of our country, as a stepping stone towards full vaccination of the population,” the press release reads.

In addition, face masks are social distancing are still required and strictly enforced in the country. However, in some situations, these requirements will also be dropped after 1 September.

Belgium is also sticking to their policy of mandatory vaccination for all healthcare workers, and ramping up their efforts to fully vaccinate the whole country. To read the press release and more about this topic, click this link.

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