ETC and Google Partner to Rebuild Europe’s Tourism Industry

Google and the European Travel Commission (ETC) have entered a new phase of collaboration to promote travel and specific destinations in Europe, according to an announcement published by the ETC.

According to the announcement, Google has partnered with the ETC in order to help the travel and tourism sector rebound as Member States begin to open back up for tourism. In addition, Google will be promoting lesser-known European destinations as well as highlighting the benefits of off-season travel and local experiences.

The new partnership between the ETC and Google will help travel industry operators connect with travelers and will help to keep the European travel industry competitive moving forward.

Google helps the travel and tourism sector by giving insight and tools to destination marketing organizations (DMOs) to reach potential visitors while they are planning trips. This initiative is building up the 2017 Google DMO Partnership Programme, which has trained DMOs to use data to target their travel offerings.

The partnership between the ETC and Google, having the common objective of rebuilding Europe’s suffering travel and tourism sector, and the programs that will now be offered could prove to be massively beneficial to both parties.

“We at ETC are thrilled to welcome Google as an Associate Member of our organisation at a time when our role in promoting European tourism is more important than ever. A significant announcement for the European tourism sector, Google’s membership will allow us to work together towards a brighter, stronger future for travel in Europe, for the benefit of all Europeans. The promotion of sustainable growth in the European tourism sector is at the core of the ETC’s strategy and we believe that Google’s membership will allow both organisations to work better on this common objective,” said Eduardo Santander, Executive Director of the ETC.

To read the ETC’s full announcement, click this link.

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