EU and Qatar Sign Agreement to Establish Common Air Transport Standards for Economic, Environmental, and Social Benefits

The EU and Qatar have made a comprehensive agreement for air transport between the bloc and the state of Qatar, according to two press releases published by the European Commission.

The agreement will establish common rules and standards for air transport between the EU and Qatar. The agreement will also set a new global standard for air transport and travel by committing both sides to fair competition with each other and being conscious of social and environmental protection.

The agreement is made up of the following provisions:

  • All EU airlines will be able to launch direct flights to Qatar from any airport in the EU.
  • All Qatari airlines will be able to launch direct flights to the EU from any airport in Qatar.
  • EU airports in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy will be subject to a gradual buildup of capacity until 2024.
  • Strong rules and guidelines will ensure fair competition in the air market and a level playing field.
  • Social and environmental matters will be of the utmost importance. This means that both parties have agreed to improve their respective social and labor laws as per their international commitments.

The main purpose of the agreement is to spur and facilitate people-to-people contacts between EU and Qatari nationals, leading to more commercial and trade opportunities.

The agreement made is very similar to the agreement that the EU recently made with Ukraine for air travel and transport, reports. This is in respect to the agreements have similar goals and provisions, all while expanding the European network of air transport.

Another significant part of the agreement is that it is the first one of its kind made between the EU and a state in the Gulf region. It represents both the EU and the international community’s commitments to cooperation with each other and a new era in different states working together towards global economic, environmental, and social commonality.

“This agreement, the first one between the EU and the Gulf region, is a global benchmark for forward-looking aviation agreements. It is testimony to our shared commitment to economically, socially and environmentally sustainable aviation, based on a modern framework covering fair competition and closer cooperation on social and environmental matters. This agreement will bring new opportunities, more choice and higher standards for passengers, industry and aviation workers,” said Adina Valean, EU Commissioner for Mobility and Transport.

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