EU Pledges Billions of Euros for Ukraine Aid, State Maintenance, and Reconstruction

The European Commission has pledged €200 million is aid to Ukraine as of the International Donor’s Conference, according to a press release published by the commission.

Although it is not made explicitly clear exactly how the €200 million will be used, the aid is part of the EU’s larger efforts to aid Ukraine and deter further aggression from Russia.

“Today we came together with a clear purpose: to support the brave people of Ukraine, who fight the aggressor and stand up for their freedom. We are now in the 10th week of Russia’s brutal invasion. 10 weeks during which the European Union stood firmly by Ukraine. Today, the European Union answered the call, once more, to support Ukraine. On behalf of the European Commission, I pledged 200 million euros for Ukraine. And last month, during a pledging event, raised 9.1 billion euros for Ukrainians inside and outside Ukraine. We know that more will be needed. And we will continue to stand up for Ukraine,” said Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

This aid package to Ukraine goes in-part with other funding and projects for the country from the EU.

Other large-scale funding include €4 billion already given to Ukraine, a joint project between the EU and Canada that raised €9.1 billion, among other aid packages.

Some of this aid will likely be used for humanitarian purposes, while a large part of it could be used to fund the Ukrainian government. According to the International Monetary Fund, Ukraine requires €5 billion per month to keep the state operating.

“Relief, because we are aware of the fact that the Ukrainian government needs EUR 5 billion per month to keep things moving: paying salaries, paying pensions and caring for the basic services. Here, together with our international friends, we are working to support you,” von der Leyen said in a statement.

Another project in the works for Ukraine is the country’s reconstruction, which will at least in-part be funded by the EU and other allied states, reports.

“But of course, the big topic is the reconstruction of Ukraine: hundreds of billions of euros. And here too, with the lead of Ukraine, we are willing to give the utmost and to work as closely together with you,” continued von der Leyen.

Areas of focus might include the Ukrainian economy, infrastructure, and other nation building projects.

“We will help to rebuild your country and your economy. Your homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses. The future of a safe and prosperous Ukraine. Combining reconstruction funding with the necessary reforms. This is not just a long-term theoretical vision. Reconstruction starts today,” said European Council President Charles Michel in a statement.

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