Finland Unlikely to Renew Unused Schengen Visas to Russian Holders

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Finnish authorities overseeing the application and issuing of visas to Russians wishing to visit the Schengen Area have decided not to reissue visas to Russians who did not get to use their visas due to Schengen-wide COVID-19 containment measures.

Russians wishing to visit the Schengen Area that did not use their visas since the beginning of the crisis will need to apply for a new visa.

“Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there are restrictions on entry and exit between Finland and Russia. If a visa cannot be used for this reason and it expires, you will need to get a new visa,” a representative from a Finnish Embassy to Russia said.

The could mean going through the entire application process again as well as paying fees and waiting for approval, although it is still unclear what exactly will be required for Russians planning on Visiting the Schengen Area via Finland after the current COVID-19 crisis will need to do.

It is still unclear whether or not Finland will provide holders of unused Schengen Visas with special services or special application procedures.

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