Greece Extends Suspension of Flights from 7 Countries and Non-EU Citizen Entry Ban

Greece has extended the suspension incoming and outgoing flights with 7 different countries. The action comes as a further effort to try and contain COVID-19 and protect its citizens. The announcement came by the authority of the Greek Civil Aviation Society (CAS).

The countries under air travel suspension are the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Turkey, North Macedonia, and Albania.

The details and dates that the suspensions are scheduled to be lifted at the time of writing this article are:

  • Flights to and from Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom are suspended until 31 May (23:59).
  • All flights to and from Albania, North Macedonia are suspended to 14 June (23:59).
  • All flights from Turkey to Greece are suspended to 14 June (23:59).

Travelers should bear in mind that this is subject to change and further extension.

In addition, travelers should be aware that until 31 May (23:59), all international flights are obliged to land at Athens International Airport (AIA), which is the country’s main airport.

Travelers should also take into account that the ban on entry of foreign nationals to Greece has been extended until 31 May (23:59) with certain exemptions for some non-EU nationals.

The exemptions for the ban of entry include:

  • Family members and spouses of a Greek or EU Citizen.
  • Schengen Citizens.
  • Health personnel.
  • Non-EU nationals holding a long-term visa to either an EU or Schengen Member State.
  • Non-EU nationals with a travel permit issued by a Greek consulate.
  • Civil and defense authorities.
  • FRONTEX personnel.
  • Humanitarian personnel.
  • Airline crew.

The ban, of course, also excludes Greek Citizens being repatriated due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Flights that are exempt from the flight ban are emergency flights, military and FRONTEX flights, and Greek national repatriation flights.

It is still unclear whether the flight suspensions and travel ban will be extended further or end on 31 May.

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