How to submit a Schengen Visa Application

Schengen Visa Embassy Links

Where can I complete my Schengen Visa form? provides an online Schengen Application form to PDF converter tool for applicants who are unable to submit their Schengen Visa forms online to their EU member consulate of choice. This service is free to website visitors and is a secure method for generating a completed and legible Schengen Visa PDF form. Application information is deleted immediately when the final copy of the Schengen Visa Form PDF is downloaded. However, applicants do have the option to save their form data for up to 30 days. Should they not complete the form within 30 days, their data will be deleted. does not use applicant data for marketing or other purposes and follows GDPR practices, as governed by our Privacy Policy.

What do I do with my Schengen Visa form?

Schengen Visa applicants are required to submit their completed forms to the embassy of the country they will either visit first or visit the longest.

In what format should I submit my Schengen Visa application?

The form must either be submitted in electronic format or via a paper PDF. The type of form submission will depend on whether or not the embassy processing the application accepts digital copies of the Schengen Visa form. If so, applicants can submit their Schengen Visa forms online. If not, they must print out the completed Schengen Visa Form.

When will the Schengen Visa form allow online submission for all applicants?

It is expected that by around 2025 or 2026, the Schengen Visa form will be digital for all applicants.

What third parties provide scheduling services on behalf of EU consulates?

Corporate providers such as VFS Global, CAPAGO, Global Visa Center World, BLS International, Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket), and several other third-parties are contracted by each member country. Usually, these third-party partnerships are stated or linked directly on the EU country’s consulate website. Thus, Schengen Visa applicants are advised to only follow the links and use the services of providers listed on EU member websites.

How can I make a Schengen Visa appointment with an EU member country consulate in my home country?

Travellers can search and find available locations of their preferred embassy and make an appointment either directly with the embassy or through trusted third-parties.

What are the website links for the Schengen Member countries?

Below is a list of the most recent links for each member country’s ministry of foreign affairs, as they pertain to Schengen or short-stay visa applications within the EU. The links below are subject to change. Should you receive an error, please contact us so we can edit the page.

  1. Austria –
  2. Belgium –
  3. Czech Republic –
  4. Denmark –
  5. Estonia –
  6. Finland –
  7. France –
  8. German –
  9. Greece –
  10. Hungary –
  11. Italy –
  12. Latvia –
  13. Liechtenstein –
  14. Lithuania –
  15. Luxembourg –
  16. Netherlands –
  17. Norway –
  18. Poland –
  19. Portugal –
  20. Romania –
  21. Slovakia –
  22. Slovenia –
  23. Spain –
  24. Sweden –
  25. Switzerland –

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