Italian Train Company Begins Testing ‘Covid-Free’ Route Between Milan and Rome

The Italian railway company Trenitalia has begun service for Covid-free trains, beginning on 16 April 2021. The service route that is in use at the moment runs between Milan and Rome, operating twice daily.

This operation is currently on an experimental basis to evaluate whether or not it will work for its intended purpose, which is to provide a Covid-19-free space for people to safely travel between cities within Italy.

If the test is successful, Trenitalia will begin serving other routes with Covid-free options. This could include extending similar testing centers to stations in Florence, Venice, Naples, and other, according to FS Group Director Gianfranco Battisti.

On the current route running between Milan and Rome, passengers are required to arrive at least 45 minutes before departure. With them they will need to have proof of a negative PCR/molecular or antigen nasal swab test results taken within 48 hours. 

Alternatively, passengers can have a nasal swab test done on-site by the Italy Red Cross. This is subject to availability and passengers will need to provide proof of their Covid-free train ticket if they are to get tested.

In addition, Italy has also begun the process of creating Covid-free islands.

These islands would include a 100% vaccinated population, where tourists would also need to either be vaccinated, provide proof that they have tested negative, or have proof that they have been infected and recovered prior to arrival.

‘Covid-free’ islands are Italy’s response to Greece’s attempt to revive their tourism industry with the same thing.

As governments have forced the shutdown of the tourism industry, businesses are having to take expensive and drastic measures to try and save themselves by convincing these governments to let them operate. It is likely that more companies will create ‘Covid-free’ flights, trains, boats, and other means of transportation as the demand for these rises.

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