Norway Removes All Domestic Covid-19 Restrictions from 25 September at 16:00 Local Time

Norway will be relinquishing all Covid-19 restrictions within the country, according to a statement made by Prime Minister Erna Solberg at a press conference on 24 September 2021.

According to Solberg, the Covid restrictions will be lifted from Saturday, 25 September 2021 at 16:00 local time, reports.

According to Solberg, the lifting of restrictions is due to fatigue in the public of constantly changing restrictions and the lack of normalcy in their daily lives.

“It is 561 days since we introduced the toughest measures in Norway in peacetime … Now the time has come to return to a normal daily life,” Prime Minister Solberg said.

When asked what the lifting of restrictions will be like, Solberg offered the simple statement that life will essentially just return to normal from 25 September.

“In short, we can now live as normal,” Solberg said.

Among some of the things that are now allowed in Norway are no more limited occupancy in public places, the opening of bars and restaurants, and no more social distancing.

The Norwegian government still recognizes that Covid-19 is a threat to public health, however. People who catch the virus will still need to quarantine, and there is still a push from government for citizens to get vaccinated against it.

“Even though everyday life is now back to normal for most people, the pandemic is not over. People will still get sick and therefore it is important that everyone gets vaccinated,” Solberg said.

Some 76% of Norwegians have received at least on jab of the vaccine, and 67% have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, according to the Institute of Public Health.

Travel restrictions were also mentioned briefly, without any details given. However, Solberg did say that travel restrictions would be lifted gradually, and that there will no longer be warning for Norwegians traveling outside the EU.

The Norwegian government can, however, bring back any restrictions that have been lifted at any time, should authorities feel that it is necessary.

Solberg made a statement to the United Nations General Assembly, however, on 24 September 2021, just one day before her statement to the press about the lifting of Covid restrictions.

In her statement to the Assembly, Solberg pushed for a more unified global rollout of vaccines, addressing the need to make vaccines available to all people worldwide, as there are large inequities in vaccinations globally. She also mentioned that the pandemic is ongoing and should be treated as an ongoing threat.

“In some countries, the mindset seems to be that the pandemic is over – whilst others are facing huge waves of infection. The result is a disconnected world. It is unacceptable and dangerous. The truth is: The pandemic is not over, and it will not be over anywhere until it’s over everywhere. We need to accelerate the vaccination rollout across the world,” Solberg said.

More news on Norway’s new travel rules will come in subsequent days.

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