Pakistani Holders of German Visas Can Re-Apply Until 8 July

Pakistani nationals whose travel to Germany was canceled on account of COVID-19 shutdowns can now apply to have their visas renewed, according to a press release published by the German Embassy to Islamabad.

The process to renew travelers’ visas will be simplified and expedited, and applicants will be able to travel to Germany once travel options once again available. This is given that the purpose and destination of travel has not been changed, but the date was changed on account of shutdowns.

“As soon as travel will be possible again for your purpose, a new visa can therefore be issued as part of a simplified procedure upon application. This fast-track procedure will be available if your date of travel has changed, but the purpose of your stay and destination remain unaltered,” the press release reads.

The new ruling will apply to:

  • Travelers who were unable to leave for Germany in time due to existing travel restrictions.
  • The traveler’s visa was approved and valid on 15 March 2020 or later.
  • The Traveler’s visa to Germany is going to expire in less than one month.

Travelers will have to apply before 8 August in order to receive the benefit of a renewed visa.

In order to apply, German visa holders are asked to attach the following information and documents in an email to the German Embassy to Islamabad at or the German Consulate General in Karachi at

  • Copies of passports of all applicants.
  • Copies of visas of all applicants.
  • For family reunion only: certificate of residency of the traveler’s family member who is residing in Germany.

The press release also makes it clear that the abovementioned information will apply only to visa holders for Germany, not holders of Schengen Visas. It is still not known when travel restrictions will be lifted completely, and travelers will be allowed to come on a mass-scale.

At the time of publishing this article, Germany is still not allowing travelers for nonessential purposes to enter, except for the purposes of transit, in which case the traveler will be required to leave immediately.

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