Schengen Member States Introducing Vaccination Passports

As more and more people globally are getting vaccinated for COVID-19, so-called “vaccination passports” are becoming more and more popular among different Schengen and EU Member States.

The vaccination passport is a general term for proof of vaccination against COVID-19, which countries have been desperately trying to contain for nearly a year. The vaccination passport program is intended to allow Member States to start opening their borders again to third country nationals, and even citizens of other Member States in some cases.

The following are the Member States that have so far implemented some form of vaccination passport program, or are planning to implement one:


The Cypriot government has announced its plans to allow travelers from the EU to enter without restrictions, given that they can prove that they have been vaccinated.

The Czech Republic

Nothing has been formally announced, however, the Czech government has entertained the idea of implementing a vaccination passport program in the future. They are not likely to make the vaccine a requirement for travel.


The Danish government was among the first to start seriously talking about vaccination passports several weeks ago. As of right now, the passports will be digital and available on mobile phones.


Estonia was the first Member state to entertain the idea of vaccination passports back in October 2020. A launch date has not yet been announced, however, their passports should be available in the near future.


On 26 January 2021, Greece became one of the first Schengen Member State to actually start using their version of the vaccination passport. As of right now, it is a physical certificate, however, there will likely be an electronic one developed in the near future.


Hungarians who have been vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 can now stay out past the country’s strict curfew of 20:00 (8 pm) given that they can prove their immunity with a plastic card.


Iceland was the first Schengen Member State to start issuing and using vaccination passports on 21 January 2021. Their certificate is digital and available to get online at In addition, the country will be recognizing vaccination passports from all EU and Schengen Member States.


Poland’s vaccination passport will be digital and available for download via a QR code from the citizen’s public health account. Those who do not have smartphones will be issued a physical form of proof.


Slovakia has supported the creation of a vaccination passport since the inception of the idea, however, there is not yet a plan laid out by the government to introduce their own version of one.


Spain has announced that they will be launching a vaccination passport program soon, and that it will be compatible with programs implemented by other Member States.


Sweden is working to implement their vaccination passport program by summer 2021. In addition, their certificate will be available to get online and will be available to all people around the world.

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