The Netherlands will no Longer Require Quarantine for Entry from 25 February, Among Other Travel Restriction Changes

The Netherlands will be making several big changes to their Covid-19 restrictions later this month, according to an announcement published by the country’s government.

For starters, travelers to The Netherlands will no longer be required to self-isolate upon arrival after 25 February 2022.

Travelers will still need to test negative for Covid-19 prior to entry into the country, however.

“From 25 February, travellers to the Netherlands will no longer be required to self-quarantine. Travellers will, however, be required to have a negative test result to enter the country,” the announcement reads.

In addition, The Netherlands will no longer be issuing travel advisories based solely on a country’s situation with Covid-19 but will instead start once again taking into consideration factors like security and other health concerns.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will no longer issue travel advisories based solely on a country’s coronavirus situation. Instead it will once again take all security and health risks into consideration. This means that travel outside Europe will soon become easier,” the announcement reads.

This move could make it easier to travel from outside of Europe to The Netherlands or from The Netherlands to third countries, but depending on how this adjustment is implemented, it could also be used to double down on entry restrictions.

“For the most part we are no longer basing travel advisories on countries’ coronavirus situations,” said Dirk Jan Nieuwenhuis, Director of the Consular Affairs and Visa Policy Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He continued, “Fewer countries will therefore have an orange travel advisory, and it will be possible to travel to more places.”

More updates about travel restrictions in Europe will come as they are announced.

To read the Dutch government’s announcement, click this link.

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