2024 travel route itinerary ideas for Europe

We do not recommend that you try an fit all the sights and sounds of Europe into a single trip – there’s too much to see and to do. A better option would be to break it up into a number of mini itineraries and focus on 2 or 3 countries at a time.

Each one of the itineraries below can be covered in around 2 or 3 weeks if you follow them to the letter but do not yourself too hard. If you find a place you really like, by all means stay longer and savour every moment.

Switzerland and France

While it doesn’t really matter where you start with this journey, we recommend starting in Paris because you are bound to be stunned by its sheer elegance. If the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, and Seine don’t do it for you, just enjoying yourself at the myriad of sidewalk cafes should.

After that, find your way to the vineyards and chateaux of the Loire Valley. After that, travel south to the lovely Bordeaux region, which has some of the finest beaches in Europe and beautiful, busting cities.

Next head further south to the stunning Pyrenees peaks before enjoying a trip via southern France to the unforgettable Côte d’Azur. Do not neglect to visit magical Corsica, a real playground for adventure travelers. Another must is the nation’s gastronomical capital, Lyon.

After that, head to the Alps for some climbing and/or skiing before relaxing for a few days at the riverside or lakeside near Zurich.

Amsterdam, Bruges, and Germany

This trip starts in a Amsterdam with its beautiful architecture, ‘coffee shops’ that don’t serve just coffee, Red Light district, and canal trips. Next you will move to Bruges, with even more beautiful historical buildings and canals. From there go to Cologne with its amazingly beautiful old town. After that, make time to visit Hamburg, with its riotous bars and huge port.

No trip to Germany will be complete without visiting Berlin, with its undeniable style and vibrant energy. Nearby Dresden has in recent years also become a major tourist destination, particularly for backpackers. After that, head south until you reach Bavaria’s capital, Munich, which is famous for its annual Oktoberfest. Make time to enjoy the stunning Alpine scenery in nearby Garmisch Partenkirchen.

Portugal, Spain, and Morocco

Start your trip in Bilbao, the capital of the Basque region in Spain. This city is known as the friendliest in the country. It’s also the home of the world famous Guggenheim art museum. From there, find your way to the late-night bars, lovely beaches, and characterful old town. Next on the list is Ibiza, with a nightclub scene that has become famous across the globe. Don’t worry it will be too hectic, many parts of the city are still very peaceful and quiet.

Once you arrive in Madrid, you can dance the nights away while feasting on tapas. From there, head west to Porto, with its many port lodges. Then take a cruise down the Atlantic coastline to Lisbon, the charming historical capital of Portugal. After that, find your way to the autonomous region known as Andalucia. Landmarks here include the Mezquita Mosque-Cathedral in Córdoba, Seville’s Alcázar castle, and the Alhambra palace in Granada.

From there you have the opportunity to travel across the Straits of Gibraltar by ferry to the medieval city of Fez in Morocco. Here you can spend a few days (or the rest of your life) exploring its souks, alleys, and mosques. Another must-see in Morocco is the colorful city of Marrakesh, which is located against the incredibly beautiful background of the Atlas Mountains.


This itinerary starts in Milan for some Leonardo da Vinci, Gucci, and Prada. Then you will travel east to experience the beauty of Venice. With its winding canals, lovely bridges and remarkable architecture, it’s not surprise that many people view it as the most picturesque city in Italy.

From there go south to Bologna, the foodie heaven of southern Italy. Next, travel to Tuscany, where Siena and Florence make great bases from where to explore this area’s hill towns.

You can of course never conclude a European tour without seeing Rome and the Colosseum. When it comes to eating pizza against the background of a beautiful crumbling old city, there is no better place than Naples. To see and explore a frozen time capsule of life in a Roman town, visit Pompeii. From there make point to sleep in one of the hand-carved caves of Matera.

Next relax on an idyllic beach against the background of a still smoldering volcano in Sicily, or experience life in the fast lane in Palermo, where Sicilian street food, and the biggest opera house in Italy are among the main attractions.

An unforgettable week in Sardinia

Before leaving Italy, you absolutely have to explore beautiful Sardinia with its stunning beaches, many UNESCO sites, and epic hikes.

Begin your visit in lovely little town of Bosa with its beautiful river and multi-colored houses. Then make your way south to Cuglieri, where you will get a chance to admire the amazingly beautiful hilltop basilica and orange rooftops.

Next explore the lovely beaches of Villasimius of which one of the most beautiful is undeniably Carbonara. Once you start heading north, view the incredibly beautiful sunsets of Capo D’Orso, otherwise known as Bear’s Rock. Also make a point of taking a boat to La Maddalena Island, from where you can cross the bridge to Caprera Island with some of the most stunning beaches anywhere on earth, including Cala Coticcio.

To end your a road trip you will never forget, find your way to Capo Caccia, to view its incredible cliffs, and the mysterious labyrinth of underground caves. Just don’t forget to watch the dolphins swimming at sunset.

Eastern and Central Europe

This itinerary kicks of in Prague, with its rich cultural life, which was once the home of Mozart and great Czech composers such as Antonín Dvořák, Bedřich Smetana, and Leoš Janáček. It is also said that this city’s beer will ever disappoint. From there head for Warsaw and its lovely Old town, parks, palaces, and vodka.

Also make sure not to miss atmospheric and arty Kraków and the charming city of Lviv, famous for its cafes, coffee, chocolate, and lions. There are an estimated 4,500 statues of lions on the coat of arms, benches, homes, and doors around the city.

Another must-see if atmospheric and arty Kraków. After that, head for the stunning wilderness of the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia, before heading back to Budapest, where you can immerse yourself in beautiful Budapest, with its many monuments and museums.

Complete this itinerary in Slovenia’s charming smaller capital of Ljubljana, the perfect pit stop if you plan to travel to the Adriatic and the Balkans from Central Europe. Try not to leave before you’ve explored Ljubljana Castle and Tivoli Park.


Begin your journey in the lovely city of Copenhagen, where you will find the Little Mermaid Statue, Tivoli Gardens, Christiansborg and Analienborg palaces, Frederik’s Church, Rosenborg Castle, and many museums.

Then head north to elegant Gothenburg with its beautiful architecture, incredible nightlife, and rainforest. Don’t miss Oslo and from there find your way to the Norwegian fjords.

Something you shouldn’t skip are the wild scenery and mild climate of the Lofoten Islands. Neither should you skip the huskies, reindeer, and Northern Lights of nearby Lapland. No visit to Scandinavia would be perfect without visiting Stockholm, which boasts the planet’s first open-air museum, the 13th-century Storkyrkan Cathedral, and an iconic city hall.

If your trip takes place in summer, also find your way to the Swedish party island of Gotland, bustling with tanned bodies and DJs.

The Baltic Coast and Russia

Many Russians would say that Moscow is a nation in itself: brash, big, and expensive. Of course you have to check out Red Square, and buildings like the the Moscow Kremlin and Saint Basil’s Cathedral. From Moscow, find your way to St Petersburg to be stunned by its stunning art collections and incredibly beautiful architecture.

From there head west to Helsinki and its innovative culture, art, and architecture. Don’t miss Helsinki Cathedral and Senate Square. Next it’s a short trip across the gulf to the well-preserved and undeniably beautiful capital of Estonia, Tallinn.

Whatever you do, don’t miss Riga, the lovely and cosmopolitan capital of Latvia. Make sure to explore St Peter’s Church and Riga Cathedral (the biggest medieval church anywhere in the Baltics).

From Riga head south until you reach the Curonian Spit, a strip of dense forest and sand dunes that are ideal for hiking and cycling. End this lovely Vilnius, maybe the most beautiful of all Baltic capitals – and definitely the friendliest.

The Balkans

Begin this journey by enjoying the sunshine, watersports, and delicious wine of the Dalmatian coast. After that, move on to Sarajevo, scarred by war but nevertheless always welcoming. Dubrovnik is touristy for good reason: it is steeped in history. Take a few days to explore the City Walls and the historical old town and don’t miss the stunning views from the city’s cable car.

From there, head to Montenegro’s famous Budva with its hectic open-air bars and beautiful beaches. Then make your way south to Tirana for more urban exploration and beautiful architecture. Also make time for Ohrid and its mountain-backed lake. historical churches, and ancient Macedonian theatre.

Also make a point of checking out Sofia with its relaxed ambiance and the hustle and bustle of Belgrade, the hip capital of Servia. Don’t end this itinerary before exploring Transylvania. You might not find any vampires, but you will get a chance to explore picture-perfect villages, track wolves in the Carpathian mountains, and enjoy the region’s lively festivals.

Turkey and Greece

Start your trip by looking for the most beautiful beach in Kefaloniá. Then proceed to Athens to watch the sun going down over the ancient Parthenon. During the day explore the city’s many theatres and temples and at night, enjoy the lively ambiance of the Plaka neighborhood.

There are hordes of Greek islands to explore, but if you like hippie-era charm and partying, head to Íos. From there explore the Samarian Gorge in Crete or enjoy the quintessential white and blue architecture of Mykonos.

If you explore one thing on the Turkish mainland it should be the astonishingly well-preserved mosaics, temples, and baths of Ephesus. If you are into active sports, you will love the paragliding, biking, and diving experiences available in Kas on the Mediterranean coastline of southwestern Turkey.

Next travel East to the subterranean city and volcanic landscape of Cappadocia. End your unforgettable journey among the hammams, bazaars, and undeniably lively nightlife of Istanbul, but not before you’ve visited the Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi Palace, and Grand Bazaar.