Appliation costs for a Schengen Visa

Schengen Visa Fees

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Besides the information about the Schengen Visa application’s total fee, it is important to know that the fee is not refundable in case the Visa Application gets refused.

The Schengen visa fee varies depending on the type of visa and the age of the applicant. Children younger than 6 years of age and students and some other people listed below could get the Schengen Visa Application processed without any additional costs. 

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Schengen Visa Fee - Pricing Table

Visa Fees are in Euro and therefore may vary depending on the daily exchange rate to your local currency.

Schengen Visa CategoryFee in EUR
Child 6-12 years of age40€
Child younger than 6 years of ageFree
Holders of diplomatic, official or service passports traveling for official purposesFree
A Family member of a EU/EEA nationalFree
Students, Pupils, and accompanying teachers during a school tripFree
Researchers when traveling to perform scientific researchFree
Reduced Schengen Visa Fee35€

Reduced Schengen Visa Fee

Nationals from the following countries could benefit from an reduced Schengen Visa Fee: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russian Federation, Serbia and Ukraine.

Visa Fee Payment Options

The Schengen visa fee had to be paid in the consulate/embassy where the application should be processed. Cash would be accepted in most embassies. Debit or credit cards and checks are not allowed in every embassy. Please check the payment requirements of your consulate or embassy before your appointment. In some cases it is possible, that credit card payment may temporarily not be available.

Schengen Visa Fee exemptions

There are different exemptions for the visa fee, listed in the pricing table above. Individual Schengen member states may offer other visa fee exeptions / waivers. Please contact your embassy or consulate to ask if you could be eligible for an exemption of the visa fee.

Additional Visa Fees

In some cases you will have to pay additional fees for you visa application:

  • If you submit the application at an Visa Service Provider, there would be an additional fee of up to 80 €. This amount is the maximum fee an Visa Service Agent is allowd to take.
  • If you choose to get your passport by an courier, there is also an additional fee you have to pay.

In Case of Visa Rejection

The Schengen Visa fee is not refundable in case the Visa Application gets refused or you decide to terminate your application. Paying the fee does not guarantee the issue of the Schengen Visa. If you apply again for an Visa, then you will have to pay again for the Schengen Visa Application.