EU Begins to Experience Humanitarian Crisis as Result of Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA) could likely start hosting more refugee operations in Poland and Romania as the crisis in Ukraine deepens, according to a press release published by the EUAA.

The Agency begins by making a statement against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for solidarity and condemnation of a completely preventable humanitarian crisis.

“The European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA) joins the global community in condemning the unprovoked armed invasion of Ukraine. Such actions have no place in an international system whereby nations are expected to settle differences through diplomatic means, in the spirit of mutual respect for human lives and national sovereignty. Armed conflict only leads to human suffering and the tragic loss of life,” the press release reads.

The Agency then eludes to the fact that along with other EU agencies and Member States, they had anticipated that there would be an invasion of Ukraine and a subsequent humanitarian crisis for some time.

“The EUAA has been working very closely over the past weeks and months together with the European Commission, other EU Agencies, as well as Member States, in order to be prepared for any scenario whereby armed conflict in Ukraine could lead to a sudden increase in individuals seeking international protection in the EU,” the press release reads.

Finally, the press release concludes that the EUAA will continue to monitor the situation and take action when it is necessary.

“As the Agency continues to monitor developments together with our partners, such planning is ready to be actioned. The EUAA is also at the disposal of Member States which may be affected in order to support with the reception, registration and processing of asylum seekers in the EU,” the press release reads.

Publishing their announcement on 25 February 2022, the EUAA accurately did depict the humanitarian crisis to come in early March.

On 24 February 2022, Russia officially launched military operations inside of Ukraine, with missile and artillery attacks targeting civilian and military objectives.

Poland and Romania have since received a massive influx of refugees from Ukraine, their neighbor from just the other side of the EU’s external borders.

More updates of the crisis in Ukraine and the EU’s external borders will come as reports are published.

To read the EUAA’s press release, click this link.

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