Finland Makes Changes to Residence and Citizenship Application Fees

The Finnish Ministry of Interior has announced changes to their prices for citizenship and residence applications, according to an announcement published by the Ministry of Interior.

According to the announcement, “Some prices will be increased to better reflect the costs incurred to the agency in processing applications,” the announcement reads.

The changes incurred will be effective from 1 January 2021 and are as follows:

The processing fee for paper application (mail-in or completed at a Finish embassy or consulate) residence permits submitted by employees and entrepreneurs

Depending on whether or not the labor market test is applied, the price for applying this way will be increased to €690 or €610 (€690 for is the labor market test is applied, €610 if it is not) from €640 or €560 respectively.

The processing fee for residence permits submitted online will remain unchanged.

The processing fee for citizenship applications

The processing fee for citizenship applications submitted in paper will increase to €590 from €520.

In addition, the processing fee for citizenship applications submitted online will be increased to €460 from €420.

The processing fees for first residence permits and first residence permits for students will remain unchanged

Processing fees for first residence permits submitted in paper in 2021 will remain €520, whereas the processing fees for online applications will be remain at €470.

The processing fees for first residence permits for students will remain at €450 for applications submitted in paper, and €350 for applications submitted online.

Applicants are encouraged to apply online

The Ministry of Interior is encouraging all applicants to apply online for their residence permits and citizenship.

The reason for this is because applications submitted online can be processed much more efficiently and quickly than applications submitted in paper at an embassy, consulate, or by mail.

As a result, online applications total a lower cost to the Ministry of Interior, which is reflected by the lower fees charged by the Ministry for applying.

“The Finnish Immigration Service is able to determine how processing costs are divided between online and paper applications. This is reflected in the processing fees: the fees for online applications are lower because they can be processed more efficiently and generate fewer costs for the Immigration Service. Applying online is also easier for customers, as they can submit their own applications and monitor the progress of their cases in the online service. The processing fees aim to promote the use of online services,” the announcement reads.

The processing fees are reviewed annually and will be subject to change from year-to-year.

“The processing fees for all applications submitted to the Finnish Immigration Service are determined annually by Decree of the Ministry of the Interior on Chargeable Services of the Finnish Immigration Service,” the announcement reads.

To read the announcement and to get more information from the Finnish Ministry of Interior, click this link.

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