Malta Eases Travel Restrictions Allowing Nationals from Any Country to Enter with Negative Covid Test

In a bit of good news for aspiring travelers to Malta, the country is again relaxing more of its Covid-19 restrictions for entry and travel within the country, according to a press release published by Visit Malta, Malta’s official travel website.

The changes outlined below are effective from 9 May 2022 forward.

According to the press release, the ‘red’ and ‘dark red’ classifications for countries will be abolished.

What this means is that travelers from countries that would have been classified in these categories will no longer need to get advance permission from the Superintendent of Public Health. This development is huge, given that it eliminates much of the bureaucratic red tape from the process of entry and will significantly cut down on the waiting period to enter Malta for those from the aforementioned ‘red’ or ‘dark red’ countries as well as allowing them to enter in the first place.

“With effect from Monday 9th May 2022, COVID-19 restrictions related to travel will once again be relaxed, as countries will no longer be classified as Red or Dark Red. This also means that the need for pre-travel authorisation by the Superintendent of Public Health from countries which until now are on the dark red list will no longer be needed,” the press release reads.

Another significant change is that travel to Malta will only depend on the immunity of the individual traveling rather than their home country’s epidemiological situation as a whole.

This is also a big deal because it allows Maltese authorities to determine if the person entering is healthy and allow them to enter, even if they come from countries that have spikes in Covid at the time.

As a result, travelers to Malta will only need to show a Covid test no older than 72 hours before entry, proof of vaccination with an EU-approved vaccine, or proof of recovery within 6 months. Children aged 6 or younger are exempt from this rule.

“As from the 9th May 2022, travel to Malta will only depend on the immunity of the person, and for this reason, a recognised valid vaccine certificate/a recognised valid COVID-19 recovery certificate/Negative PCR Test taken not more than 72 hours prior to arrival/Negative Rapid Test taken not more than 24 hours prior to arrival – will still be required for travel to Malta, with children aged 6 or younger being exempt from presenting any of the above-mentioned documents,” the press release reads.

The final development is that travelers who cannot present any of the aforementioned documents will still be allowed to enter but will need to quarantine. However, the quarantine time period has been reduced from 10 days down to 7 once the traveler tests negative for Covid.

“If either of these documents are not presented upon arrival, a 10-day mandatory quarantine will apply, which is reduced to 7 days following a negative test,” the press release reads.

To read Malta’s press release, click this link.

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