Thousands Across Europe Protest Vaccine Passports, Covid Restrictions, and Lockdowns

Protests took place in several key cities around Europe yesterday, 22 January 2022, for citizens to voice their disapproval of Covid measures put in-place by their governments.

Demonstrations were held in London, Paris, Athens, Helsinki, Stockholm, and other smaller cities across Europe, with people gathering in the thousands at each location.

The main focus of the protests were the EU and individuals Member States’ vaccine passports and what the passports are being used for in reality versus what the intended use was.

For example, France’s new vaccine passport, being introduced from 24 January 2022, is now being required to enter sporting events, bars, cinemas, restaurants, cafes, and virtually all leisure activities. The passport is even required to take domestic flights.

As a result, Paris saw a large protest with thousands estimated to have taken part. There were also protests in smaller cities in France.

About 3,000 demonstrators marched through Stockholm, Sweden on the same day. The main focus of their protest was Sweden’s brand of vaccine passport, which is required to enter any event or venue with more than 50 people.

An additional 1,000 people gathered and marched in Goteborg, Sweden’s second-largest city, for the same reason. No violent clashes were reported at either event despite the national police’s likely overreaction to the events.

In Finland, 4,000 people are estimated to have marched through the streets of Helsinki in protest to their government’s recent actions as well.

The main focus of the Helsinki protest was local and regional governments’ moves just before Christmas to take “extensive and full measures” against the Omnicron variant of Covid-19.

Restrictions included prohibiting or limiting events, moving university classes online, limiting restaurant service and closing venues. These measures were all taken by Finland after the right to go to events or any kind of leisurely activity had been given back to the people by the government.

In the case of Finland, there were again no violent clashes reported.

To read more about Covid-19 measures taken by the EU and Member States, click this link.

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