IATA: EU Digital Covid Certificate Should be Implemented Globally, EU Should Share Travelers’ Personal Information with Airlines

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has announced their full support of the European Union Digital Covid Certificate (DCC) and its possible implementation as a global standard for vaccine passports, according to a press release published by the organization.

According to the press release, the DCC is a good model for the rest of the world to follow when implementing their own vaccine passports, as it is compatible not just with airlines, but other destinations and activities as well.

“The DCC is an excellent model as it is consistent with the latest World Health Organization Guidance and is fully supported by IATA Travel Pass. Another benefit of the DCC is that it enables holders to access non-aviation sites in Europe that require proof of vaccination, such as museums, sporting events and concerts,” the press release reads.

In addition, IATA praised the DCC for its format, usage of QR codes for identification, and its verification and authentication process.

Among other things, IATA also praised EU governing bodies for their speed and efficiency that they delivered the DCC with, while still pushing for every country to have their own vaccine passport following the EU’s model.

“The DCC was delivered in record time to help facilitate the reopening of EU states to travel. In the absence of a single global standard for digital vaccine certificates, it should serve as a blueprint for other nations looking to implement digital vaccination certificates to help facilitate travel and its associated economic benefits,” said Conrad Clifford, IATA’s Deputy Director General.

Finally, the press release concludes that IATA would like to collaborate with the EU to share passengers’ personal information for what is claimed to be a more seamless and secure passenger experience, although no further information is given for how this measure would make airline processes easier or more secure.

“IATA wishes to offer its collaboration to EU Commission and any other interested state to further integrate the DCC into airline processes for a secure and seamless passenger experience, such as support for selective disclosure of personal data,” the press release reads.

Meanwhile, protests are still being held far and wide across Europe in defiance of such measures that are seen to limit freedoms and discriminate against certain groups of people.

France, for example, is still experiencing large protests across the country in response to harsh and strictly enforced curfews, and the requirement to show a the DCC at nearly every public place. Italy is also experiencing protests, as is the Netherlands and several other Member States, none of which are yet losing momentum as law enforcement has ramped up their efforts to quell the protests. Schenten-Visa.com reports.

To read IATA’s press release and for more information about the organization, click this link.

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